Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day from the Battlefield....Poem for Today.

Tried to make a special attempt to get on the web today. Happy valentines Day to all. I wish everyone the joy that comes from being loved and able to love. It is a wonderful, powerful and amazing feeling. I wish those of you that have it may know it always, and those without may have strength and contentment till they find it .

I Guess I don't have it...or I lost it, or whatever. Not a cheerful poem today. It's just what I want to put up...

My Brotherhood with the Animals

There is a bone thin and pale street dog near here.
The children throw stones at it,
- Yesterday they gave it food.

It stands today on bent legs,
Trying to make itself very small,
It takes the acute sting of pebbles on its flanks.

Anemic brown and colorless.
Turning in low spirals to spread the pain.
It is lost too and whimpering.

I think, if the children offer it food,
It will come back again tomorrow.

I hate it…the way it craves food like love.

1 comment:

r said...

i hear you about the craving and hating that it does that.

Very vivid picture you paint...

Happy Valentine's Day to you as well. They say it is better to have loved than to not loved at all. i understand that from a having experienced such an emotion. but the painful sting of the other side of love is such a painful and misery space that i wonder.

Thinking about you and sending you good thoughts and peaceful wishes!!!!