Thursday, January 29, 2009

Poem for Today

Some Sunshine

Burning dot of Western sun,
Wringing old Winter’s hurt out of me.

Makes me sleepy soft,
Bending me gently,
Sprawled on the carpet next to you.

I feel the burst of each photon,
Watching it twist and swing though your hair,
It’s a million tiny monkeys,
Playing easy,
Bouncing through the bright strands.

I blow near your ear.
And the golden curtain over your face shifts colors,
Parting like sand.

I see you smile,
And feel able to sleep.

January 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Living in the USA - Somebody Get Me a Cheeseburger!

Hope some will recall that great Steve Miller song...

Well I am back. Long trip, and have been taking it easy for a bit. Feeling pretty good, and much better than after last tour. Funny how that is...but there is no telling what factors may influence things and make one thing seem to be better or worse than another. My pet cat died while I was away...He was a sweet gentle thing. He seemed to take delight in every day...Something to be learned from that. I also envy his ability to sleep for 15-18 hours a day.