Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Poem for Today


The man with no homeland walks,
 Always moving,
Sometimes I call it traveling.

 Trying to be part of something,
Each town - I want to make it mine,
A place where I have memory or family, Or a lover.
Each country, I beg it to be mine, to claim me,
To wrap me tight in its flags,
So I can cheer and sing its songs.

But there is always some difference,
And I can't feel part of anything,
Sometimes it's the way the light shines on my shell,
That makes me separate,
Or that I have no history there,
Or no person.

But I share its peoples' life, this same air, and dirt,
It drapes over my shoes.
Something keeps me apart,
So I keep walking, looking.

Jan 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I like birds, especially owls!
In the morning I see little sparrows carving quick low arcs over the dirt. They seems so playful! Like naughty little imps. They curl and weave, and contrast with the dark majesty of the hawks and eagles.
I like them, they are playful and mischievous little imps! Quick and active and very charming. Not unlike yourself...
I give them little pieces of cracker that they peck at with tiny little beaks. Brightly chirping at me and blinking with bright eyes. They seem insolent and yet kind.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

All Seems Good...

A hot shower and decent meal and all seems right with the world! I really have it good in my little space! The chance to sit quietly, and have a cup of coffee or tea...paradise.

Nope, never had it so good!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Poem for Today

Beautiful Disaster

You see yourself as broken,

Unique in your total grief,
Some mottled and cracked leaf,
Wasted after Autumn,
Spun out on the cold breeze,
Drifting alone.

The beautiful disaster that you think you are,
It's not just you...
But what you do to me.

You are different, - and not.
Just like me,
Perfectly imperfect,
I love your madness.

Stay like you are,
And let us live this out together.

01 Jan 2011

MRE and Me...

Dust hangs low today...It is very fine, it is barely noticeable, but the skin feels like it is covered with a fine talc. It is almost like graphite as it seems to have that kind of feel. However, I am sure it is more corrosive.

New Years day, and I wonder what this year will bring. Although, seem to not want to think about it too much.

I think the diet versions of Pepsi and Coke seem to be better overseas...Less carbonated.

Today someone said that they hoped all my dreams came true... I am not sure what the hell that meant? It seems so strange to hear something like that. I couldn't take it in any meaningful sense. I don;t even have any "dreams". Just contentment is all I want.