Sunday, August 22, 2010

Poem for Today

Not Better

A beautiful child,

Dancing in the sun,

Golden and fawn hair,

Alternating as she spins,

Moving and jumping to a musician.

I saw her on a summer walk,

In a city park –

It was years ago.

She started clapping, and laughing,

Tiny clumps of hands patting together.

Her parents stood behind,

Watching her, but seeing something different,

They were embracing.

It was a scene of so much love,

Like being washed in warm suds,

Full of safety, or something like contentment.

Whatever it was,

I wanted that feeling,

I remember suddenly feeling very bad,

Getting mad thoughts –

Thinking I had nothing .

Nothing that could make me as happy as they were.

All the money I’ve made since then,

It doesn’t make me feel better.

August 2010