Sunday, March 11, 2012

Poem for Today / Haiku

Awake with my Loves

Seeing you in grey
Princess of night's cold moonlight
The sun craves your face

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Poem for Today


Some of my best words,
Immortal writings,
Letters, and nouns, and verbs...
Things I thought would change the world,
And they are all gone.

Dissolved like headache powder,
Into a dull glaze of white,
Swirling in a nightstand glass.
Everything I wanted to write is forgotten.

Vanished syllables,
And only because,
I had no pen when the words came to me,
So I could not pull them down from the air,
And make scrapings of them on paper.

Only the wine was in front of me when the words came,
Now, it is only the ache for you that I recall. 

Feb 2012

Poem for Today

When I Knew

I knew you loved me,
When you held me very tightly,
Without caring for anything else,
Drawing me into you,
To make one person.

It was that time we visited the cemetery
And I suddenly wept on your shoulder,
Shuddering sobs that came for people of long ago,
You said nothing,
But I felt the strength in your arms,
As you let me clear my heart.

Feb 2012