Friday, February 8, 2008

For My Brothers and Sisters in Arms...

Can’t Get Colder...

This evening’s dust and mist,
Makes our floodlight beams seem like solid bars,
Everything is like I have dusty yellow lenses in my eyes.

The lights and swirling of air don’t seem friendly tonight.
Glum figures pass me, head down, walking fast,
Skimming over lit up dirt –crazy with shadows,

They are a nothing shade of granular grey, and silent,
Like purgatory ghosts who don’t care.
Moist fog slits through my uniform,
Clammy hands stuffed in pockets.

Everyone pulls their body in,
Quiet, all thoughts turned inward.
Shriveled into nuggets of men.

Soon, I stop fighting the cold and let myself shake,
With eyes closed very hard.

Checking always checking…

I reach down to feel the industrial steel,
Of Government Issued weapons,
Contracted to someone…somewhere
For use by us…in some place.

Touching the wet metal,
It reaches back for me,
Surprising me, like I suddenly woke up alone,
Not knowing where I slept.

I try to forget who I am,
And the night starts to feel much colder.

February 2008


Ky Woman said...


One thing though, KEEP your eyes open.....

thegoodnewz said...

I am starting a blog in which I am going to offer the good side of all of the negative news being published. I am dedicating a page titled, "Good Newz From the Front Line", where I want to put comments from soldiers who are in a conflict area, and who are seeing good things being done (no matter how small). I was wondering if you would be interested in sending me some information from your perspective and experience, or if you know of anyone who would be interested? I will site what you say and have a link back to your blog for those interested in reading what you have to say. I would appreciate any help you may offer in spreading the good newz!
You can reach me at
I am grateful for what you do.

gray wolf said...

Only those who've been there can relate. Be strong, my friend.