Monday, September 26, 2011


Walking the streets in this mad city.
At least the evenings are cooler here.

I trundle along, feeding the strays.
Lots of fuzzy young kittens. All of them are very skittish, but they usually give me a bewildered, but challenging and bold look before they bound off. I left food for many of them, but I was only able to get one cat to come to me. She was a tortoiseshell. Her face was perfectly divided right along her nose into a tabby pale orange and a brownish flecked chocolate. She was a tiny creature with protruding hip bones. She was the only vocal cat I encountered, and gave me a chirpy meow.

So, in my whole life, I was meant to be at this one place, at that time, to give food to this animal...If that was my purpose than it was worth it.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Poem for Today


In this land,
Obliterated with light,
So bright and numbing and pure,
Feeling like sound,
Destructive with its vibration,
Shaking the strips of my bones.

In this place,
She gives me colors,
White, searing, sizzling.

A flash of burning joy when we love...
Black, never ending abyss when she leaves.
That is what stays with me.

Opening of a shaft, cut into the earth,
Whose end is dizzy-deep.
I feel it at night, becuase the entrance is even darker,
That’s what makes it stand out.

She colors my life.
Now all the shades,
They are mixed,
Scrambled, and dry cracked in the sun,
Like my old paintbox.

Sept 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

Poem for Today


I think of ice-cold perfume,
Tapping on the warmth of your skin.
How the vapor pours off you...
Changed, like a blend of your body and its essence.

The aroma seems like a mist of gold,

So dense,
And I fall.
Drunk and blind,
Enrobed in the stars of your champagne-filled mouth.

Sept 2011