Saturday, March 28, 2009

Poem for Today...


On these women I know,

Hair is alive.

A separate living thing,

Moving each tiny glimmering screen,

Having planned, controlled and subtle ways,

Using the wind and sun as its agents.

Playing me with gold and brown.

No strand is the same color twice.

The whole world is there for me.

So, I am lost.

My drug is you,

Deafening me,

Gently numbing me.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Known But to God...

Today I undertook a 7 hour hike to visit the WW 1 battle sites around Mons, Belgium. The first battle of that conflict was fought near here, and there is also a lovely, sad and very beautiful military cemetery that I walked to, ( St . Symphorien war cemetery.)

It took forever to get there, and my ill fitting
hiking shoes took a toll on me...But, the quiet and solemn place really brought a tear to my eye. The graves are of both German and British /Irish/Canadian soldiers...They are mingled together in death, and the site is maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission...It is set in a small, tiered area. It contains quiet glades and small sun drenched alcoves and small clusters of graves. It is indescribable, with the leaves, budding flowers, sun and quiet rustling of the trees. I was there alone, yet the place did not feel lonely. It felt like something I can't describe, beautiful...Like love? I don't know...
I determined that there was nothing I could do to honor these men more than just living life. I looked to the sun and felt it warm my face as the shadows flickered over the setting. Thinking of these dead, while I was living life...What else could I do to honor them?

I had packed a Thermos of tea and I quaffed a plastic mug of the stuff - feeling the drink refresh me. How lucky I was to enjoy that...It was all I had to toast them...

I felt honored to be there in their presence...

Great post by another blogger here on this deeply moving place...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Poem for Today...


Trying to dissolve and de-remember you,
With white-out,
With erasers,
With a delete button.

Just the movements,
The thoughts of trying to blot you out,
Bring you nearer to me.

I seek it,
Coming closer to you,
In trying to lose you.

So afraid, that without the pain of missing you,
I will have nothing

Dec 2008