Monday, January 30, 2012

Poem for Today


After being hungry for so long,
One doesn't miss any particular type of food anymore.
No more caring for bright, tangy berries,
No remembering the totally surrounding smell,
Of grilled meat in late evenings,
Not even the heavily crusted French bread,
Or the dry bite of red wine.

It's only you I crave,
Tasteless like color,
My closed eyes try to remember, but it's not there.

Jan/Feb 2011

Thursday, January 26, 2012

All Creatures...

This morning I went to the airfield to pick up a colleague. While I was waiting in the cool morning, I heard the familiar but always pleasing sound of my friends the sparrows. Small groups of them were nestled in the top of the metal prefab building, and in the rolled up windows of tents. Many of them were paired up in couples. The males have a darker head, and a patch of black under the little beak. The females are a dull tan color, and a tiny bit slimmer.

They cruise and flutter and spin in the air. It seems more like a liquid to them; that is how easily they move in it. No matter what happens, I hope I will always feel a delight and pleasure and joy in seeing and hearing them. It is as if they are my family, and sometimes I can feel close to them. Of course, to them I am just another silly human to aim poop at. Still, I look on them from afar and smile.

Later...This evening I went for a meal in the dining facility and noticed a small black cat. It looked like a youngster and I had seen it before a few weeks ago. It was crouched under a mailbox - secure in the shadows. Feeding or keeping animals is prohibited. However, as soon as the small creature saw me it came out immediately! It came close to my legs, and wanted to seek contact. I would have petted it, and dearly wanted to caress its little elegant face with my fingers. Yet, I did not want to draw attention to myself or the cat. I backed away, but when I came out later, I had a small plate of tuna which I placed on the ground for it. I did so while no one was looking,  and then I quietly slinked away.
I looked back to see it engrossed in eating, and I felt that I had at least done some good for today.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Poem for Today

Different Now

Winter's mask is hung on the trees,
As the sun goes early.
The greens turning to infinite blacks,
With the soaking damp night,
Coming through my pockets quickly,
Rippling cold onto my skin.

Being lost in the forest,
Comes with a terror that life is all over,
And then a resigned heart,
Meeting its end,
Stumbling forever, without sustenance.

Then a sudden flicker, just once and very quick.
So that I am not sure of the light.
I drift closer, too afraid to hope,
But there is a gleam, dull as phosphor.

The void of the trees opens,
So that there you are.
With the candle showing your smile,
And the wisdom in your eyes.

Your face comes close, 
And I am safe.

Jan 2012