Saturday, May 16, 2009

Poem for Today...

Thinking of The Trip

Just to roll without that fear of loss,
To run without the catch of her breathing,
And to forget the feel of her hold.

To have no going to…,
Only the drying damp on my face,
With the wind at my back,
And my favorite shirt on.

Being so cold,
That my heart runs ahead of me on the road

April 2008


When I was younger I often drove long distances to meet a friend or lover. There was always a scrambled departure from home, packing a few belongings, the drive all night, the joy at watching the sun rise behind a bug strew windshield, the warm coffee at a fast food place - the early morning staff as tired as I was...
The excitement and anxiety of travel were sometimes balanced by the thought that the actual meeting might not be as good as the anticipation of it...

I have been driving a good deal recently across Europe...Great roads! 130 km speed limits, pretty decent drivers who understand the right lane is for passing...
In fact in the 3000km or so I have driven recently I have only heard a car horn used twice...and it was by me!