Friday, December 5, 2008

Poem for Today...

Kissing Corners

Tasting the corners of your mouth,
Holding your upturned face in my hands,
But softly,
One dark palm on each side,
Like a California beach ball.

Your eyes are closed,
Small wrinkles around the edges,
I want to flatten them with my kisses.

Your lips are open,
And you are trying to breathe,
But you don't remember how.

Dec 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Poem for Today...

In Transit
As soon as I touched the crinkles in your lips,
I knew that I would break my heart.

This journey began with that kiss,
But now, I think maybe it was not the start.
Maybe you were just a lost passenger too,
Stepping accidentally onto my train,
We swayed together in the rolling carriage,
Easy riding, over down-hill runs.

Life was no effort.
Sitting contented, side by side, and happy when we bumped together,
Pushed close by bends in the tracks.

I thought the ride would never stop,
Each day was just simple.

But, while I dozed,
Anesthetized in the fumes of your love,
Somewhere you must have gotten off.

I can’t say now where you left,
There is no conductor to ask,
No signs to mark going or coming,
Just the side view from the windows,
No map or guidebook,
And even the rails are laid down new every day.

Leaving me on board and alone,
Not sure where I am going,
And starting to wonder if I paid too much for this trip.

September 2008