Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hersheys and Apaches...and banality

I was munching on a Hershey bar yesterday...with almonds too. It was a bit dry and tasteless like old chocolate can get sometimes. Anyway, I could have been walking in the dirt back home. Next thing, I hear a sharp whine and look up to see two Army attack helicopters knifing through the sky maybe less than 100 feet above me. I looked up to see the sharks teeth painted on one of them...Yeah...I'm sure as hell not home.

The power and capability of our nation fills me with awe sometime. I guess perhaps it can leave the individual feeling like a tiny tooth on a small gear in a large machine in some some vast engine.
But I suppose we all have our role to play.

Beautiful evening tonight, mild, sunny and I also don't feel too bad. I am circumspective, if that's a word, but not too bad.

I know that most of what I write here is pretty banal and day to day stuff, but I don;t want to say a whole lot about the places I am for security reasons...mainly cause they tell us not to, and it is the right thing to do...I think there is enough day to day stuff to write anyway.

Been working on a poem...put it up tomorrow I hope.


gray wolf said...

This reads like a John Grisham novel. Good stuff. Watch out for the obvious barriers. Breaking a toe and getting sent home is not what you would want. Take care, my friend.

elay said...

you write so well - you make the otherwise mundane details sound very interesting. not many people has that kind of flair..i loved reading your blog.