Thursday, January 31, 2008

Chuck Norris Lives in the Latrine

Ok, not really...But from the graffiti I read in the portable plastic boxes we all know so well, he has assumed the mythic stature of a Norse God of yore...For example, one scribe intoned n the wall of our latrine..."Chuck Norris doesn't do pushups, the earth does push ups on him"

That is just one of the many diatribes exalting his strength, virility and stamina. I mean, to read this thing Superman would be quavering in his little red boots if he had to do battle against the Chuckster. Someof the comments can really bring a dose of hilarity. Of course other comments are not printable, and BTW we also have some great artists here too.

It's early morning, cool, breezy. Waiting for breakfast...


Gary said...

Great blog! And I never knew you were a poet. Have a great time in Iraq. Keep your eyes open for something interesting for my next tour. Stay in touch, and be safe!

Gary Morsch

Army Sergeant said...

Someday I want to know when Chuck Norris invaded Army culture.