Monday, January 21, 2008

Breakfast in America...

In certain settings we all resort to a particular personae, and now that I am back on full time active duty, I have moved into a different and more optimistic mindset than I usually have. I also had my good old standard Army breakfast of eggs, grits, coffee and brown bread. I love grits, and we just don't get them enough up north! I guess I could have this particular breakfast anytime, but I save such simple pleasures for my Army life. Anyway, it is much easier to have a standard breakfast, because there is always eggs and coffee, except with MRE's of course. Perhaps it is just part of taking on a different character that comes with wearing the colors.

I feel comfortable to be back in uniform. The myriad acronyms, the customs, the talk, even the coarseness of my wool sweater, and the harsh brush of the velcro on my uniform reminds me of working for something above myself.
BTW, my arm throbs from my vaccination today...guess that reminds me I am back in the Army too!

"they gotta' have 'em in Texas, cuz everyone's a millionaire."

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