Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Poem for Today

In Good Times

In the top,
In the very highest,

Roller-coaster high,
Of this love,

When I feel like,

I am in the tallest tree a schoolboy ever climbed,

Surrounded by brushing leaves,

Like morning-time kisses all around me,
That is when I become terrified.

Getting tragically afraid that I will lose you,
Another thing gone.
I am terrified that I will have no love again,
No reason to go anywhere,

Forcing myself to be good to others all the time.

Because I know joy and peace - I fear it,
And also you.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This makes me think of something i have thought about when skimming In Touch or the free city newspapers gossip section: Do artists, those who feel more deeply than i do, fall in and out of love so much and so often because they embrace all the highs and euphoria with all of themselves – both with their bodies and their souls- without fear. And then come crashing down when the initial infatuations subside. And then move on very quickly to the next promise of a similar pleasure.

Or is it just that they have money and are not dependent upon that partnership to make their lives work….

There is something to be said about just enjoying the moment and being in it vs. fearing the upcoming loss, that is inevitable.