Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bird in the hand...

Today I saw a boy in a store... On his shoulder was a small brown/fawn colored sparrow. He took it gently in both hands and set it on the table in front of himself. It hopped about, tweeting and looking around. It's tiny beak opening to emit small chirps. The boy put a grape in his mouth, and bit it into small pieces. The bird skipped onto his outstretched palm and took the small pieces of fruit from his hand.

The boy said that the bird did not like Americans, and that a soldier had swatted at the scrawny thing recently...Well, I don't know...Could be...Who knows? It seemed friendly enough to me, but it always returned to its owner, almost like a tiny airborne dog, flitting back to its master
Perhaps it is the food that kept it coming back to the youngster. The boy said the bird was like his son..

Seemed a touching statement of affection.

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