Monday, March 22, 2010

Loneliness of the Runner

I was running in the German countryside today. Winding my way over windswept, rolling green fields, passing by huge shaggy cows who balefully peer at me.
The wind turbines were silently turning on the tops of the hills.
It was lunch time and the narrow lanes were deserted...

The cattle here are big and shaggy brown. They stand or doze listlessly on the sloped fields. Indolent, yet with some form of wisdom behind their deep dark eyes.They ignore me as I run by, but I feel they are my friends. They know I will not hurt them...

The wind turbines swing their huge arms above me, and I sometimes feel that they are waving to me.
Running in and out of tiny villages, I kept on and on. An old man wished me good day. Stout and stocky limbed farm cats sunned themselves on the road side... Everything seemed alive. Tiny spring flowers push their first shoots up through the dark soil. They make faint vertical clumps of purple and white against the black earth.

I want to say something, but can't quite get it right. I do fear being alone, but feel love in my heart.

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