Saturday, January 9, 2010

Back in the USA

Back in the good old homeland!

Cold, and a bit tired on my arrival. Will be doing some traveling here, and will give my impressions as I perambulate across the USA.

When I was in the immigration hall at the airport a small altercation broke out between an older man and a younger one and his family. It resulted in the older man being pushed to the ground...It was all a very bizarre sight...Strange thing to see on my arrival back, and not even 10 minutes on US soil. I found the event disturbing...partly because it resulted from a sad misunderstanding, and also because it involved people of different races, and ages.

I do feel that in the USA we sometimes take things, (such as presumed slights) too personally. I see this even when I drive on the highways in the USA.... Things seem to come down to a "me vs. you" zero-sum game.
I see this also in the false divisions among our people that the talk show pundits attempt to create.

We are more alike in our country than different. I have felt that in the service. But, sometimes,the USA definitely seems more hostile than being on a deployment.

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