Saturday, January 17, 2009

Living in the USA - Somebody Get Me a Cheeseburger!

Hope some will recall that great Steve Miller song...

Well I am back. Long trip, and have been taking it easy for a bit. Feeling pretty good, and much better than after last tour. Funny how that is...but there is no telling what factors may influence things and make one thing seem to be better or worse than another. My pet cat died while I was away...He was a sweet gentle thing. He seemed to take delight in every day...Something to be learned from that. I also envy his ability to sleep for 15-18 hours a day.


bigD said...

Hi Army Poet,
I was wondering what the H-E-double hockey sticks you have been doing!
I am so happy that you are home and glad it "feels better than the last tour." I am so sorry to hear that you cat died while you were away :(
My cat died a few months ago too. I wasn't home when it happened and I felt just horrible. I was very sad about all of it...just one more thing amongst many. I already have enough sad time, so I was very bummed and actually I still am. I miss him a lot. Due to my son's illness, I cannot get a new one for a while. I wrote a couple blog posts about his antics.

I do recall the Steve Miller song "Livin' in The USA." Had to jog my memory on itunes. I like ROCK in the USA by Mellancamp.

Now that you are home I hope you take some time to eat some good food, hang with some good friends, and sleeping 15-18 hours a day is good too. Well maybe just seven or eight. Take good care of you Army Poet. :)

Arli said...

Welcome Home!

David M said...

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