Sunday, August 31, 2008


A C-130 is a four engined cargo plane, used by many nations. Flying in it as a passenger is reassuring because the aircraft has been around forever. It is sort of ungainly, and has a utilitarian form which emanates a charm and also a feeling of security.

As a passenger, you are cramped onto seats made of nylon straps. Squashed between soldiers on each side, and in front of you. You have to interlock your feet and knees to get comfortable.

This is in contrast to flying back in the civilian world - where we spend so much time trying to make sure we are not touched by the passenger next to us.

The cramped experience is sort of ok, no choice really... The worst part is the interminable sweat which forms and rolls down my face, back and legs - and much worse is the nausea. There are only a few round windows on these aircraft, and any maneauver by the pilots means that you have no idea which way the aircraft is turning...Sometimes it feels like I am rolling upside down.
There is an unpleasant feeling of directionless movement with no view of the horizon. It is perhaps like being in a closed roller coaster compartment, with no windows, and no idea which way the track is going to take you.

Nausea is an overwheming feeling, producing an awful sensation of doom.

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