Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Something to Write

I want to write about something I felt...But I don't want to write. ..Of the death of two people here that I did not even know...Perhaps I saw them in the chow hall, or crossed paths with them. They are gone now, never knew their names. See lots of people in a day sometimes.

I felt the concussion from the explosion that took their lives.
I know this is not saying much...

Something about love...
When you are in love...all you can think of is the joy of now! How exciting it is to be with someone, the trip planning, the fun dinners, the mellow evenings of delight, and just the sweet contentment of being. When that is over, all one can think of is the acrid memories of the past, and a future that seems very black. The "now" becomes lost. It is important to keep the "now", because it can be very short.

Peace be with you my brothers. I get teared up when I go to the military cemeteries, (like Punchbowl in Hawaii). I will feel for you soon too.

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