Friday, March 21, 2008


In some short palm trees nearby I saw two ring necked doves. They made a gentle cooing /gurgling sound. Then they suddenly started attacking each other and chasing each other around the tree. There was a dull thud of flaping wings and squawking and scratching.

Hmmm, wonder what that was about?
My quest for dark chocolate continues here...Seems none is to be had at any price in Iraq?

When I think of a memory I don't want I say to myself..."Walk don't think...just keep on walking." For some reason I have been thinking a lot about the times I was in Germany and Italy and how I often use to wander alone during a day off. Walking, observing and just watching. I felt alone during those times, but not lonely...or maybe I did...hard to separate the two.

Tough to get net access here.


Ky Woman said...

Any particular kind of dark chocolate? Where to send?

Anonymous said...

I've got some dark chocolate waiting for you in Wilmington, NC.

Sorry it took me so long to comment.

I've enjoyed your letters and your blog, old friend!

I'll email you too!